Voice SMS Service

Marketing ! Alerts ! Notifications !

If you want to make your marketing communication more personal, you can rely on our voice SMS services in Bangalore to send pre-recorded voice clips to your customer base. Our robust SMS gateway helps you send promotional content in the form of voice SMS in bulk and accurately measure the impact they have on your business.

From sending event notifications to party leader to giving confirmation calls for online purchases, from giving reminders for EMI payments to conducting opinion polls, you can rely on Wegus, the best voice SMS provider in Bangalore. Voice SMS service helps you connect with a large segment of your customer base at a more personal level in a relatively short period of time, while also being affordable at the same time.

Uses of Voice Call/SMS

  • Promotion of products/services
  • Giving reminders for EMI payments etc.
  • Event notifications to party leaders and people
  • Confirmation calls for online purchases
  • Political campaign promotions, voter registrations, vote reminders
  • Surveys to take opinion of majority people
  • Fundraisings for organizations
  • Lead generations
  • Confirming transaction information's
  • Sending holiday notifications, class schedules to parents
  • Business alerts
  • Meeting confirmations
  • Alerts of badclimatic conditions
  • Wishes for birthday's, festivals, new year wishes

Key Technical Points

  • Robust Technology platform with inbuilt potential Mechanism
  • Direct-to-carrier Network
  • Superior support SLA's
  • Real time analytics and tools
  • Efficient and simple look up's

Who can use this service?

  • Banking
  • Consumer markets
  • Education & Training
  • Financial services
  • Food industry
  • Retail
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Health care & Hospitality
  • IT and ITES
  • Oil and gas
  • Real Estates
  • Media & Advertising and Many more

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