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SShort code SMS service is a simple and easy way to start a conversation with your customers. Our short code SMS service allows you to receive message on easy to remember 5 or 6 digit numbers, seamlessly capture the data in your inbox and a send a free auto-generated reply to your users. Your short code may be specific to one mobile operator or supported by all major mobile operators.

You can use the Wegus short code SMS service to effectively engage in a 2-way communication with your customers. These codes can be used to send/receive text messages from even the most basic mobile handsets. They are ideal for sending bulk SMSs at a high frequency.

For example:

A short code could be 56767. A short code may be specific to one mobile operator or "common" and supported by all major mobile operators.

You can use media such as SMS route, TV, radio, online or through an advertisement, and asked to send a text message to the number. Once they will send message in prescribed format the application receives the message and routes it through our bulk SMS API, which could include sending a confirmation or follow-up message back to the wireless subscriber who originated the message.

Typs of Short Code SMS

      1. Shared Short Code:

    If you opt for a shared short code service you have access to a number that can be used by different businesses but differentiated by keywords. You will have a keyword assigned to your business.

      2. Dedicated Short Code:

    When you choose our dedicated short code service you are the sole owner and content provider on our code with access to unlimited keywords. No other business can use this number.

Key for Short Code

There are several functions which short codes are designed for:

    1. Express interest in a promotional offer
    2. Request for more information
    3. Promote mobile coupons and discount offers
    4. Vote for a TV contest.
    5. Register views and opinions for a debate
    6. Receive a link to a mobile website
    7. Make product inquiries

How it works?

    Whenever a prospect type the keyword and send it to short code number, then their details such as mobile number, operator name, message, time, place etc. details into the user dashboard.

    Obviously if anyone has sent the message it means he/she is interested in their service or product. So we can do the further conversation with the prospect. It has the option of auto reply, so that we can send acknowledgment to the customer saying that we received their query and soon will revert them.

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