Transactional Bulk SMS

Alerts ! Information ! Notification

While promotional bulk SMS route is used for sending offer/promotion related messages to new and existing customers, transactional SMS services are used for reaching out to your registered user base with necessary information such as OTPs, notifications, alerts and reminders. Banks, online retailers, and several other industries send millions of transactional SMSs every day.

Whether you want to update your customers with purchase-related information, ornotify them about successful registration, or just send an OTP, you should choose Wegus, the best SMS gateway API in Bangalore. Our transactional bulk SMS services come with an API that can integrate with your business app or website to provide a seamless experience.

      Example: Role of Transaction SMS in E-commerce:

      Transaction Messages are simply termed informative messages which are using by E-Commerce people to convey purchase regarding informations.

    1. Purchase order confirmation
    2. Delivery status
    3. Sign up details
    4. Warm greetings
    5. Any other confirmation message relating to purchases.

        For Example:

    Dear Cardmember, payment of XXXX received towards your CREDIT CARD ending XXXX through NETBANKING. Your available limit is Rs. XXXX

Features of Transactional Bulk SMS

    1. 24/7 Delivery
    2. Robust API with complete documentation
    3. DND & Non-DND deliverability
    4. High-speed SMS Gateway
    5. No Set-up Fee or Monthly Charges
    6. SMS Scheduling
    7. Instant Delivery
    8. Real-time Analytics & Tools
    9. Multiple Connectivity
    10. Direct-to-carrier Network
    11. Superior Support SLAs
    12. User-friendly Interface
    13. Simple & Efficient Lookups

Key Technical Points

    1. Robust Technology platform with inbuilt potential Mechanism
    2. Direct-to-carrier Network
    3. Superior support SLA's
    4. Real time analytics and tools
    5. Efficient and simple look up's

Who can use this service?

    1. Banking
    2. Consumer markets
    3. Education & Training
    4. Financial services
    5. Food industry
    6. Retail
    7. Travel & Tourism
    8. Health care & Hospitality
    9. IT and ITES
    10. Oil and gas
    11. Real Estates
    12. Media & Advertising and Many more

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