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5 Wise Bulk SMS Marketing Tips for 2019

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Bulk SMS Marketing gets a large fan following due to it’s fast and successful viewership among customers. Marketers and advertisers consider it as the swiftest technique to spread the business messages among existing clients and potential clients. When done right, this marketing technique can generate significant results as well as revenue for the business. Millions of business use Bulk SMS marketing to deliver promotional messages, personalized offers or brand awareness campaigns all over the globe. Bulk SMS Marketing increases the business ROI. Let us a take a look at five wise Bulk SMS marketing tips that you must focus in 2019 to achieve significant results

  • Call out Clear CTAs – Many times marketers fail to call out a successful call to action the recipient needs to take when he reads a promotional SMS. When the messaging is lost, the recipients fail to understand the desired action to carry out. Choose your words carefully and ensure that you get to the point straight away so the recipient is absolutely clear. The simpler your CTA is, the more effective they would be in ensuring the expected outcomes
  • Audience Segmentation – Did you know 90% of individuals read SMS within 3 seconds? Yes. That’s right. To make your marketing efforts deliver the expected results for your clients,  you should know who your target customers are, whom you are pitching to and why he or she will need your service. Once these goals are clear, you can segment your audience data as per geography, socio economic status, purchase history, age, spend history or any other relevant information that you may have to launch your campaign.
  • Keep It Simple – You have around 160 characters to convey the message. However, shorter is certainly better but simultaneously, you should never be too direct. Choose your words carefully and get to the point straight away instead of making the recipient ponder over many things. Once the message is direct, the recipient’s will be able to process actions faster to make a quick decisions.
  • Right Timing – Sending your SMS at the right time will ensure that your audience will see it as spam free. Though finding the right time may require A/B testing methods, the trial and error method will help you identify cues to success. Ensure that you never send a SMS too early or too late in the night. Define your campaign objectives, the purpose of the SMS campaign as per the target audience and then choose to send the message. Weekends are always a good time to remind and recall recipients about specific personalized offers.
  • Track and Optimize – Use different text offers at various times to different groups of customers to identify what type of communication brings you conversions. Ensure to check the response rate everytime you send bulk SMS. If you have to focus on more than one offering at a time, ensure to put your top offering at the top of the message.

Bulk SMS is the world’s most cheap, safe and secure way to communicate a message to a large set of audience worldwide. If you are looking for a company to launch your Bulk SMS marketing campaign, do get in touch with us at Wegus Infotech today.

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