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6 Important Tips that help to Grow Insurance Business

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The insurance industry is an imperative sector that is helpful to make your future secure and independent in terms of financial advantages.  In the past couple of years, the insurance industry has seen the vibrant boost that eventually turned out to be the vital contribution to economic growth.  There are more than 50 insurance agencies in India including private and national banks. In this insurance sector, you can find life insurance, car insurance, health insurance and many more.  India insurance sector is significantly largest with more than 370 million insurance policies. Indian insurance industry is ranked 15th in terms or premium volume and it is growing with time.

The marketing is an essential part of every business and to market with SMS is an innovative approach, and most of the insurance companies are using SMS marketing for the enhancement of their business. Now we will talk how SMS can be helpful to grow your insurance business:

  1. Follow up your customer

The retention of your customer is always a great strategy to increase the business. After following up if the customer is ready to buy the insurance policy and then make your customer understand that they have done a great deal to secure future, offer them rewards or gifts so that they can easily connect to you and develop a long-term relationship with you.

  1. Offer Seasonal Discount

By the help of Bulk SMS service, you can send the notification to your customer about the seasonal discount, which you are offering to them. The best time to start SMS campaign of seasonal discount in the event of any festive or occasion. Make sure that your campaign must star at least 15 days prior to the festival

  1. Information about Insurance policy number

Every insurer has a unique policy number that determines the customer’s identity as a policyholder. By sending SMS, you can make their work easy to get the policy number where you can specify the details of policy and other important information.

  1. Coupon Code Information

Today we have observed that coupon and promotional codes are used to attract the customer. By sending the information of coupon and promotional code, you are informing your customer about the coupon discount so that they can influence by the offer.

  1. Inform about the status of Policy Application

It takes time to complete the process of an insurance policy and that is the best way where you can send a simple SMS to your customer about the status of their policy so that they can feel relaxed because they are getting the updates in their phone and they don’t have to go outside for that.

  1. Notify about the policy renewal

Customer may skip of his policy premium renewal; in that way, sending SMS will help them to know that they need to renew their policy. Customer will happy to know that you are also taking care of him and sending updated about policy maturity and premium return.


It is rightly said that being an insurance agency, one needs to be interactive, informative and transparent towards their customer. They should be prepared to address the concern and queries come in the mind of policyholders. Bulk SMS Service providers are helping insurance company to increase revenue and make better customer service

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