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Bulk SMS Price Hike and Its Impact on the Benefits of Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Price Hike
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With this technological era, we need to accept that Bulk SMS services are absolutely the advantageous channel for promoting the business. Recently we have seen that this industry is facing challenges because the price hike at the operator level has made it complicated somewhere and it might affect on the benefits of bulk SMS services. Well, Bulk SMS service providers have to admit the proposal of price hike, but they are committed that users shouldn’t have to compromise with advantages. Forget about the price hike event and rely on Bulk SMS marketing campaign because of following reasons:-

High ROI than Email Marketing

If we compare it with email marketing then we have observed that Bulk SMS has high return on investment. We can understand this by an example: People usually have the habit of checking their mobile and any message or notification alert so people check each and every SMS of their mobile but on the other hand different Emails comes from different sources generally not entertained by users and considered spam. So investing in Bulk SMS despite price hike is a good decision for better business promotion.

Short and effective

Time is equally value as money in modern era, therefore in a cutthroat competition people don’t have time to read long messages because everyone is busy. But as we see that Bulk SMS are generally short and informative so it is designed as per the user requirement. Bulk SMS service, SMSs are generally to the point and short that usually becomes their USP.

Fast Delivery

SMS are the quickest way to convey notification to the recipient, it hardly require couple of second to reach the receivers mobile. Bulk SMS campaign has the competency to send thousands of messages in few seconds.  

Bespoke Communication Channel

Well Bulk SMS services are designed as per the user’s requirements. One can send load of SMS to the targeted people or particular audience according to their choice. In spite of price hike, Bulk SMS providers allow user to design the message marketing campaign according to the users demand. It doesn’t matter what is the requirement of subscriber, Bulk SMS services deliver customized plan to users.

Conversion rates are high

Don’t worry if there is slight price hike in Bulk SMS service then it will not affect in benefits of users. It is obvious that if network operator has increased the price then bulk SMS providers compelled to increase the price but it won’t affect on the features of SMS service. Bulk SMS service is always have edge in the conversion rate so several businesses don’t bother to pay extra bucks to get higher conversion.

No Restrictions

Well, message sent to any users mobile directly delivered in the inbox but in case of email marketing the unknown, suspicious or promotional SMS goes to spam folder, it means that SMS marketing has no restriction like email marketing so if there is little bit price hike, then the benefits are incomparable and effective.


If there is minor price hike in Bulk SMS service doesn’t affect on the benefits and features of this marketing technique because it has always give high ROI and better conversion rates. So don’t get disheartened by the price hike and invest on Bulk SMS without any fear.

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