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How Education Industry can get benefits through Bulk SMS campaign

Bulk sms for education
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India is the largest democracy in the world and education sector in India estimated one of the significant contributions of over 1.5 million schools and nearly 40000 higher education institution. Bulk SMS campaign is a great idea to get various benefits in the education industry. Now we will discuss how these SMS services can impact the education industry

Important notification

Gone are the days, when school and other institution use to give notice on board and paper. Now SMS service is utilized in the institution to notify student or parents.  This is smart move to use Bulk SMS service for important notification, event, parents teacher meeting etc. It is cost effective medium as well as it also save paper.

Attendance Report

Parents often concerned about their kids whether they are attending the school or not. Some of the students bunk their classes and it becomes headache of parents. It is not possible to keep tracking of kids every time. However, a simple SMS from the school administration can give the tracking of the student to their parents. This would be a great move and with help of Bulk SMS package school and institution can help the parents and ensure the attendance of a specific student.


Earlier diaries were used to notify the student and parents to do the homework, now it is an outdated method. Now an SMS can inform the parents about the homework. Homework is same for every student and by sending Bulk SMS to the parents school administration make sure that parents have received the notification.

Fees Notifications

Sometimes directly asking for fees paid to parents is un-professional however, sending Bulk SMS to the parents about fees payment is simple and relevant. People are habitual of using mobile almost every time therefore any SMS ping on their phone, they immediately response after receiving the message. This will be the reminder for parents to pay the due fees on time.

Organizing Events and programs

If any function is decided to celebrate in school or institution then it is easy to inform all the students, candidate and their parents by SMS. Invitation paper often lost but an SMS is a digital invitation is that is in the system until you delete it. Parents as well as the student get SMS, so there is like a double reminder

Student Performance Report

Every patient has one of the biggest concerns and that is how their kids are performing in school or college. It is not possible for every time to go for parents and teacher meeting so school or college faculty can arrange the facility of sending the performance report via SMS to the parents, so that they can easily track that in what way their kids are getting education and how he/she is performing in academics and extracurricular activities.

Ask for Feedback

It is important to get feedback and reviews from people about your institution performance, system, infrastructure, facilities and all that. You will get the feedback from people in which you will know what is the drawback or what are the areas which need is to improve in school administration.

Holiday notifications   

Sometimes due to seasonal, political and other reasons school or college, announce the holiday but, how they will inform the student who already come to school. Well, in that situation, they can send SMS to the students or parents for immediate school holiday for that specific day and this will help the student to save their time

Result announce Notification

You don’t need to go to school or institution to see the result of your kids as there is the facility from the school administration in which they send result via SMS. It means SMS help parents or student to see the result in their cell phone and they don’t need to go outside.


We have seen the there are many Bulk SMS Service provider who has given services to education industry and it helps them to work efficiently along with saving time money, paper, and environment.

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