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Online SMS service providers play an important role in two-factor authentication while using Internet banking for security reason. Banks, payment gateway, Android APP and any cash card related companies send an OTP message to user’s registered mobile number before money transaction to make secure money transactions.

Transactional OTP SMS :

A One Time Password (OTP) is a unique automatic generated password which is valid only for one Login Session with the validity of a limited time period. The user receives this OTP via text message on their registered Mobile number as most of the people carry the mobile device and it is actively protected.

OTP (One Time Password) authentication is automatically generated code through the technical coordination between online SMS API of SMS gateway and client’s application. Wegus SMS provides premium and reliable SMS gateway which quickly pushes the OTP SMS which has been generated from the client application on their data which is highly secured and we ensure that only authorized users should have to access the one time password.

The SMS delivery time depends on the SMS gateway which you use provided by service providers, on an average if you will get reliable SMS gateway for instant automation of OTP.

You need to take proper quality testing before availing SMS Gateway API for OTP authentication:

  • OTP SMS delivery should be instant; average of 2-3 seconds.
  • Powerful SMS API with 99% uptime.
  • Multiple carrier options to avoid uninterrupted SMS delivery.
  • Real-time SMS delivery reports
  • Easy API integration

Select Transactional SMS API which is developer friendly, reliable, premium, secured and should have multiple connectivities.

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