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How to Boost Sales with SMS marketing For Automobile Industry

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Indisputably, the automobile industry is rapidly booming sector in the global trade platform, which has gradually increased the revenue as well as individual’s income. People are buying a car and their vehicle in spite of day to price hike of the petrol and diesel. We know that it has been always recorded that customer demand is more the supply chain of the vehicles that is why people book advance to get the delivery of their vehicles.  One can witness the contribution of Indian automobile industry in the economy of India is 7%.  Now we will know how SMS marketing is helpful to boost sales and revenue for the automobile industry.

Arrival and Booking Confirmation Message

When customer book vehicles, they really want to know the updates about the booking status. It is ideal approach to keep them informed about their vehicle booking status through SMS.  You can also inform them about the possible or definite date of arrival of the booked vehicle. We have seen that people have to wait for their booked vehicle because of less supply chain management. Informing through arrival message of vehicle will bring smiles on your customer’s face.

Inform your customer about Events

There are certain events in which we have seen the exposure of automobile industry such as Auto Expo. In these events, people are curious to know which automobile company has launched new vehicle. This is obviously a right time attracting your customer by sending them an invitation through the SMS campaign so that they feel privileged.

Enhance your brand Visibility

Well, you can drive immense amount of traffic on your automobile website through Bulk SMS where visitors come because they want latest updates on the vehicles and other notification. Bulk SMS Service Provider insures that you will get all the updates and it will surely fetch brand visibility and awareness among your customers.

Send Safety Alerts

Customer safety is the first priority of automobile company, so make them aware of traffic rules so that they can follow it accurately and ensure their own security. Various auto company send safety tips and traffic instructions to their consumer so that this type of awareness and precaution can play a vital role in reducing the risk of road accidents and other complication attached to the vehicles.

Reminder about Servicing of Vehicle

To maintain the average and other function of your vehicle smoothly, it is necessary to conduct vehicle servicing on time to time. Customer may be busy in other work, so it may be possible that he would have forgotten, but you can make them aware to send the SMS for their vehicle service. They feel attached and contented from your customer service.

Insurance Reminders Notification

With the hectic schedule of life, it might be possible that consumer can forget the renewal of its vehicle insurance, so along with service reminder, you need to use Bulk SMS service to send your consumer reminder notification.

Customer Feedback Questionnaire

 Customer feedback is important for every business to detect the drawbacks and suggestion comes from them. It plays a vital role in the improvement of every business. In Automobile industry, it helps a lot to improve the performance so that you can live up to the expectations of your customers and give them better and customer centric service to them.

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