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How to Use SMS for Retail Industry to Maximize Revenue

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No doubt, that retail industry is climbing new ladders of success as the time is surpassing because the customer base of retail business is tremendous. In retail stores, you will find the basic products that are related to our daily life including grocery, food, fruits, kitchen appliances, electronics, apparel, vegetables, jewelry etc. Hardly any product and service left have not associated with the retail industry.  If we talk about India, then it is the 5th fastest growing retail hub in the world. Retail industry contributes almost 10 % in the GDP of the country, which means that it has a vital role in the economic growth of India. The retail industry is expected to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2020 because of exceptional economic growth and business approach. The retail e-commerce business will touch the mark of 700 billion by 2020. There are many more advancements happening in the retail industry.

This statics can allure surprise anyone and retailers are now using SMS marketing to develop a static business relationship with their customers. Know how you can use SMS to maximize the revenue in retail business:

Important tips to grow your retail business through Bulks SMS marketing

  1. Collect the Mobile Number of the customer

Well to interact through a phone is the best way to deal with customer nowadays. You can tell your customer to send SMS to with promo code and get the appropriate discount, in this way; you will get their contact number. If you send them exciting offers with discount deals and other important updates in the service and product then as per the study, more than 50% of the customer shows interest in these types of offers.  

  1. Update your customer frequently about their order

Being an online retailer, you should understand the value of timely delivery of the product. Send SMS to your customer and tell them about the status of their order. Notify them of the on-time delivery of their order and they will be satisfied with your service and daily interaction.

  1. Develop Relationship with your customer

If you are doing business, you should also think beyond the business. Customers are key elements that can increase the sales of your retail store and many of the retail organizations are taking the help of Bulk SMS Service Providers so that they can be connected with their customers. After monetary process from your customer, then the best way to give thank you message to them that will make them, feel good and appreciated.

  1. Send a private message to build a personal relationship

Treat your customer like a friend and familiar and personal messages are the key to build this kind connection. You need to do different things from your business rivals. You can send a specific message to your customer and wish them on their birthday, marriage anniversary and more so that they feel happy. You can also send them SMS about the special offers and prizes in the sale period so that they can get the benefit from the offers. Bulk SMS Service is definitely helping to interact with your customer.

  1. Ask For their Review and Feedback

It is the best way to make your service better and provide excellent service to the customers. After the sale, you can ask feedback and review of the customer so that you can know how you can do better to make your customer satisfied. If they appreciate it means you are going in a right track and if they suggest something, then you should say thanks to them by sending SMS and try to figure out the drawback to make your product quality as per the expectations of customers.

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