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How To Use WhatsApp for Business Marketing Campaigns

Whatsapp Marketing Comapnies
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WhatsApp undoubtedly the rapidly elevating social messaging app that is acquired by Facebook in 2014 at spacious 19 billion dollars. This vibrant communication app has the huge database of active users near 50 million around the globe. It is estimated that their users share more than 600 million images and 100 million videos. Now it has become an effective marketing tool in terms of business promotion. It has become the best option for BULK SMS marketing for various businesses. Let us know how it can be utilized for business marketing campaign:-

 Utilizing as an efficient tool to communicate customers

According to some business study, it is found that if you communicate with your customers through WhatsApp messaging rather than call directly then the possibility of response increases nearly 40%. Today we have seen due to many promotional calls, people are now fed up of these calls. But if someone gets a direct message on their Whatsapp there is a high chance to get prompt response. That’s why businesses are using WhatsApp communication with customers, and they are getting magnificent response and interaction. This is definitely an innovative process of SMS Marketing , that is now operated by almost every business.

It is great tool for internal team communication

This is the time when the world is assimilating new things and technique to upgrade their status in life. Corporate and market has understood the fact that without applying advanced method nobody can surpass the challenges and complexity of revenue and sales generation. Communication is always an integral and magnificent part of the business establishment. Now organizations are using WhatsApp messaging for internal team communication that keep them updated with every situation within the organization and it is definitely a tremendous move. Needless to say that Whatsapp messaging has replaced normal Mobile SMS in the current atmosphere.

It is also influential in customer support

This social communication app can become a great way to entertain and interact with your customers because there is hardly any customer who is not using a Smartphone. Moreover, Whatsapp is installed in almost every Smartphone, so we can say that the reach of this messaging application has extending. Most of the organizations provide customer support solution to their customers so that they can achieve retention and satisfaction of their customer more successfully.

An excellent and fruitful tool for marketing and promotion 

Veterans in the marketing field have accepted that using Whatsapp could be a game changer in the marketing field. A text message with your phone is old SMS marketing technique and now people don’t want to entertain those promotional messages. However, Whatsapp has made it easy because it has the space of creativity and concern more than normal SMS Marketing Solutions, but you should take care of that you are not spamming your customers by sending Whatsapp messages. You need to plan your marketing and promotional messages in a way where the customer wants to associate with you with more curiosity. Unknown number messages irritate every person, but if you make your promotion, creative and attractive, then there is a high chance of your targeted users to take interest in your business.

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